Alternate Investments

Gone are the days of FDs as safe alternate investment option because now we can consult and help you achieve safer 8% to 14% p.a. returns with investment options like bonds, invoice discounting, lease financing, peer to peer lending and others based on your requirements & goals. 

Real Estate Investments

We can consult you to invest in one of the oldest type of investment option that has safer and transparent returns. We can help you choose the right option from trusted fractional ownership or complete ownership pre- rented real estate assets as per your requirements.

Business Investments

With improved technology, information and better regulations, it makes sense to invest some amount for long term in businesses that can give higher returns with time. We guide you to choose from options like equity, MFs, startups, PMS and others as per your risk appetite and involvement.

Risk & Estate Planning

Since nothing is certain in life you need to reduce risk of sudden losses with correct measures to insure health, life, assets and other acquisitions. We not just advise you to insure properly but also help you in passing down your wealth to the rightful beneficiaries.